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Undergraduate Medical Courses and Curriculum details
2nd, 3rd, 4th phase clinical rotation

Online questions details
The updated MBBS Curriculum 2012 details
MPhil Micro course curriculum modified download
Academic calender Mphil download
Application form for BMDC registration download
Application form for BMDC registration download
Curriculum for Under-graduate


Dental Curriculum download
Question Bank details
Teaching Methodology download
Department information form download
Journal Club Presentation details
Academic Calendar download
Lecturer Class Presentation details
Thesis details
Guideline Principles of Ethics in Medical Research download
Ethical Clearance & Institutional Ethical Activities download
Informed Consent part 1 download
Informed Consent part 2 download
Informed Consent part 3 download
SIF for Undergraduate Student download
SOE 2011 of Microbiology, MMC details
Rickettsia Clinical Meeting final download





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